This website is at its early stages as of July 2020. Its focus is on Buffalo, New York’s unique cluster of grain elevators. More than twenty of the large structures stand in and near Buffalo’s Lake Erie harbor. Half a dozen are still actively used for grain and cement storage.

We envision listing all of Buffalo’s grain elevators, extant and historic, with a page for each, and other pages with various types of grain elevator information.


We’ll start with a great source of information, the Buffalo Grain Elevators Recording Project of the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER), an initiative of the US Government’s National Park Service, completed in the early 1990s. Twenty one extant elevators were subject to deep research and detailed written and photographic documentation. This taxpayer-funded information is in the public domain, so it can be used and adapted freely.

You can find links to HAER’s Buffalo Grain Elevator reports at Preservation-Ready Sites Grain Elevator Summary Page. A description of the HAER Project can be found at the National Park Service website. The reports themselves can be found at the Library of Congress website.